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1085 Budapest
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Team Leader

Dr. János Réthelyi

Associate Professor

Team Members

Dr. Csaba Barta

Associate Professor

Katalin Vincze

PhD Student

Institute Presentation

Semmelweis University is the largest organization in the area of medical and health care sciences in Hungary, a leading health care provider in the Central European region and a home for cutting-edge and diverse scientific research activities. The Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy is a clinical unit of the Faculty of General Medicine. Established in 1882, it has a massive tradition in mental health care and medical education. Today the department is a home of 8 inpatient units, outpatient care in all areas of adult psychiatry, and serves a catchment area inhabited by 300.000 citizens. Research activities focus on clinical electrophysiology measurements and brain imaging in schizophrenia and adult ADHD, the genetics of schizophrenia, personality disorders and ADHD, as well as the investigation of health-care provision in forensic psychiatry and psychotherapy.

SU declares no conflict of interest in PRIME.