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Team Leader

Prof. Søren Dalsgaard

Professor of Psychiatric Epidemiology

Team Member

Dr. Theresa Wimberley


Institute Presentation

Among over 17,000 universities world-wide, Aarhus University (AU) is ranked in the top 100 by several influential rankings. Based in the faculty of Business and Social Science at AU is the National Centre for Register-based Research (NCRR), a world-leading research center of psychiatric epidemiology. Since it was founded in 2000, it has contributed with more than 1000 international scientific publications, covering a broad range of expertise from clinical psychiatry, epidemiology and statistics to sociology, nursing, psychology, and pharmacology. NCRR has approvals to access individual-level nationwide data on clinical diagnoses of any mental disorder (for 48 years; 1969-2016) and any medical condition (for 40 years; 1977-2016), and socioeconomic factors, incl. income, education, and unemployment (for 36 years; 1981-2016), all being linkable and accessible via Statistics Denmark. The AU NCRR team in PRIME has previously participated in several large international collaborative research consortia.

In PRIME, professor Dalsgaard is the leader of Work Package 1 and in different WP’s the AU team will perform population-based studies of associations between diagnoses of insulin-related disorders and brain disorders, primarily compulsive disorders and dementia and examine modifying effects of pharmacotherapy on these associations, using data from the nationwide Danish registries.

AU declares no conflict of interest in PRIME.