Geert Grooteplein Zuid 10
6525 GA Nijmegen
The Netherlands
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Team Leader

Prof. Barbara Franke

Scientific Coordinator

Team Members

Dr. Janita Bralten


Aijan Kunneman

Grant Manager

Dr. Geert Poelmans

Research Associate

Dr. Jeanette Mostert

Science Dissemination

Prof. Jan Buitelaar

Principal Investigator

Giuseppe Fanelli

PhD Student - guest scientists of the University of Bologna

Institute Presentation

The Radboud University Medical Center (RUMC) is a leading Dutch institute for medical research. The Human Genetics department of RUMC, with over 460 employees, is an internationally top-ranked department and the largest genetics unit in Europe for research, clinical diagnostics, and genetic counseling. Research is performed by 23 groups led by Principal Investigators (PIs), with genetic/genomic neuroscience the focus of several PI groups. Neuroscience is also the major research topic at the two additional contributing departments of RUMC, i.e. Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychiatry. All research related to neuroscience at RUMC is embedded in the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour (DI), a cross-faculty Institute of Radboud University. The DI is a world-class research centre devoted to understanding the mechanistic underpinnings of human cognition and behaviour in health and disease. DI is home to more than 600 researchers from 35 countries who share the common goal of contributing to the advancement of the brain-, cognitive- and behavioural sciences through investigator-driven research, and improving health, education and technology by applying advances in this field. DI’s mission includes conducting interdisciplinary research of excellence at the unique interface between genetic, molecular and cellular processes at one end and computational, system-level neuroscience with cognitive and behavioural analysis at the other end.

RUMC is the coordinator of PRIME. The RUMC/DI group in PRIME includes world-class researchers and opinion leaders in the field of child and adult psychiatry, genetic epidemiology, and human molecular genetics. This group is also experienced in coordinating and participating in (EU-funded) research consortia and has a strong background in teaching and dissemination of research.

RADBOUDUMC declares no conflict of interest in PRIME.