What is PRIME?

PRIME is a European consortium of research institutes, medical centres, companies, and societal stakeholders that is funded through an EU Horizon 2020 grant. From 2020 – 2024, PRIME will aim to unravel the insulin-dependent mechanisms that underly both somatic conditions (i.e. type 2 diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome) and brain disorders (i.e. Alzheimer’s disease, obsessive-compulsive disorder, autism spectrum disorders). Until now, very little attention has been paid to the role of insulin signaling in brain disorders, and the overlap (or ‘multimorbidity’) with somatic conditions.

Therefore, through PRIME, we aim to develop tools for improved diagnosis, clinical care and prevention of insulin-related lifespan multimorbidity.

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17 May 2022

Jordi Salas-Salvadó receives the International Award for Excellence in Research from the International Nut & Dried Fruit Council

The CIBEROBN group leader and Distinguished Professor of Nutrition at the University Rovira y Virgili (IISPV) Jordi Salas-Salvadó has received the Award for Excellence in Research during the XXXIX World Nut and Dried Fruit Congress, which was held in Dubai on May 11-13, 2022. This award recognizes the scientific research career of excellence in the field of Nutrition and specifically in the study of the beneficial effects of nuts and dried fruits on health. Professor Salas-Salvadó has been investigating the effect of nuts on body weight and different markers of cardiovascular risk for about two decades using animal models, epidemiological studies and clinical trials. He has published more than 20 articles in the field of nut studies and has also been one of the leaders and promoters of the PREDIMED study, a multicenter clinical trial with more than 7000 participants recognized worldwide that has contributed to clarify the importance of the Mediterranean diet enriched with nuts or olive oil on the prevention of diabetes, metabolic syndrome or cardiovascular disease. Now is leading the PREDIMED-plus study, another large clinical trial (>6000 participants followed by 8 years) aiming to assess the effect of lifestyle intervention on the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease where cognition, depression and impulsivity are well characterized. Prof Salas-Salvadó has written more than 800 scientific articles in Science Citation Index and has been declared as a “highly cited researcher” between 2018 and 2021 by Clarivate. He is participating in different National, European (Eat2BeNice, PRIME, STOP), USA (NIH) and Canada (CIHR) projects.

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